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Helping You on Your Expat Journey

To understand where Venaugh came from, let’s go back to 2018 when my partner’s company in the Caribbean moved us to Bogotá, Colombia where our lives as expats began.

My partner was at work interacting with everyone in English while I struggled with only Spanish interactions. Not being fluent was extremely difficult as many people often laughed at me when I tried to speak.

It was easier to just stay in the safety of my apartment even though this made me miserable.

Two years later, I decided to enrol in Spanish classes where I met new people. Instead of my usual feeling of inadequacy, I started feeling more at ease. We even started doing activities outside of class.

Finally life as an expat was enjoyable! I loved exploring and seeing all that Bogotá had to offer.

I was even offered a job at my school to teach English. Life was finally coming together just with that one step of being open-minded and joining classes.

I regret waiting so long to get to that stage. I’ve now moved to Monterrey, Mexico where I vowed to never let myself fall into the depression like my first move.

The power to change my life was within me this entire time so I started exploring from day 1. I don’t want anyone to suffer like I did, I want to help you enjoy your expat life sooner.

That’s why I developed Venaugh. So we can be fearless together in expat life. I’m so glad you found me. Welcome to our expat community!

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Sharing is caring!