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What is Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá, Colombia?

First off, how to pronounce it – Parque (par-kay) Jaime (hi may) Duque (do-kay). Parque Jaime Duque is a 70-acre expanse made of five distinct areas. What many do not know is that the park is owned by a Foundation which donates any profits to conservation programs that assist Colombian species.

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Address of Parque Jaime Duque in Bogotá

Parque Jaime Duque is located about 47km from the center of Bogotá in Tocancipá. This is approximately a 1-hour drive from the center however, if you are travelling from further north, then the distance will be less.

The exact address is Zipaquira – Briceno #55C, Zipaquirá, Tocancipá, Cundinamarca, Colombia. And the telephone number listed is +5716200681.

If you want the ease of having everything organised for you, you can book a tour.

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History of Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá

Parque Jaime Duque was founded in 1983 on February 27th by Jaime Duque Grisales (1917-2007). He was a Colombian pilot who studied in the United States but returned to Colombia in 1944 to enrol in the Avianca commercial aviation company.

He became the chief pilot who commenced the first international routes that connected Colombia to both North America and Europe. At the park, there is a plane model of the HK 136 aircraft which pioneered these endeavours.

Later on in his life, his goal was to create not only a recreational family area, but also one which also held cultural significance. This included local Colombian culture as well as incorporating other cultures of the world as well. He then started the construction of the park in 1978.

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How to get to the Parque Jaime Duque in Bogotá?

Since Parque Jaime Duque is an hour outside of the main city of Bogotá, getting there needs a bit of planning.

Private Driver – I would recommend this option as this was generally the method I used when going further outside of the city. This can be priced around $80,000 Colombian pesos ($21 US) one way. This is not a standard price and when drivers notice that you’re not Colombian, they may try to strike a higher price.

Renting a car – Although renting a car is not something I have tried in Bogotá; it is still an option. It is important to note that driving in Bogotá is not like driving in the US or UK. There are not many who use the lines on the road and there are also many motorcycles and bicycles which makes it difficult. Fortunately, it is only about 15km driving out of the city so that will be the toughest part, then from there it is easier.

Rideshare – this includes Uber, Cabify, or Beat. It always helps to have more than one rideshare app on your phone so if one does not find cars, then you will have another option. This can cost around $60,000 Colombian pesos (US$15) one way. Rideshare apps as well as several others are crucial apps to have in Colombia.

Taxi – for someone who is knowledgeable about taking taxis and their fares, this may be an alternative. However, for anyone who cannot speak Spanish properly or solo females, I would not suggest taking a taxi.

Bus – from the city, you will have to get to Portal Norte. From here, you will be able to take a bus to Tocancipá for $5,000 pesos (US$1.30) one way. You can buy tickets online. However, you will have to walk from the station to the park itself.

If this seems like too much to think about, you can book a tour.

Map for Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá

Having a map of the park is definitely helpful to plan your trip in advance, whether you want to see all the sections, or just some. Usually upon entrance, they give you a map so you will have a physical one to walk around with. But if you’re anything like me, maps are not always that helpful when you have no sense of direction. See map for Parque Jaime Duque below:

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Attractions at Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá?

Parque Jaime Duque is not any ordinary park, as there is so much more than expected with 5 main areas including:  

(i) Bioparque Wakatá

– This is the center of conservation, investigation, and education of animals spanning around 700,000 square feet (70,000 square meters) with more than 500 species. Some have been rescued from illegal wildlife trafficking. Within such a vast expanse, of course, there are even more sub-sections:

Tropical Section with anacondas, turtles, frogs, ocelots, boas, pythons, baboons, Magdalena crocodile.

African Savanah Section with lions, water buffalo, ostriches, and hippopotamus.

Zigzag Route with tigers, deer, jaguars, llamas, antelope, chickens, rabbits, goats, turkeys, foxes.

Birds Section with macaws, parrots, vultures, eagles, owls.

Primate Island with spider monkeys, capuchins, corn monkeys.

Condor Region with Andean bears, pumas, condors.

Interaction Zone with ponies for kids.

(ii) Puerto Caribe

Puerto Caribe encompasses a kayak lake, mini Caribbean sea, café, army monuments and a vivarium (an area dedicated to growing and researching plants and animals).

(iii) Paseo de la Cultura

Paseo de la Cultura holds a map of the different types of birds within an enormous 1:25,000 scale topographical map of Colombia. There is also an area for Dante’s comedy, mythological fountain, theatre, outfits of the world, dinosaur garden and the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World.

This is introduced with a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes towering 105 feet (32 meters) followed by replicas of the Egyptian Pyramids, Moscow’s Red Square, and the Hanging Garden of Babylon.  There is also a Museum of Mankind in the Universe displaying monuments of important moments in human evolution.

(iv) Plaza de Juegos

Plaza de Juegos has at least 19 mechanical rides and Hercules refuge.

(v) Jardin de los Monumentos

Jardin de los Monumentos holds plane monuments, plaza of different flags, bridge of Santafé, Antioquia, hand of God monument, and even a replica of the Taj Mahal.

Restaurants at Parque Jaime Duque

At the food zone, you can get different types of dishes with offerings from a few restaurants. Prices in Colombia are very cheap to foreigners due to the conversion rates. Something quick and easy like a hot dog costs $11,000 COP (US$2.78) or pizza $20,000 COP (US$5).

For a traditional Colombian dish like bandeja paisa (beans, chorizo, ground beef, white rice, pork, fried egg, and plantain), it can cost around $28,000 COP (US$7) or mojarra frita (fried fish with rice and plantain) it can cost around $30,000 COP (US$7.60). There are also some cafés around the park.

Bandeja Paisa – Traditional Colombian Dish

Schedule for Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá?

Before visiting, be sure to check the schedule online as they post this monthly based on the type of ticket which will be further explained. However, an example of the schedule can be seen in the picture below.

This was extremely helpful to me because someone gave me tickets, but I had no idea that there were only particular days to go. It would be such a wasted trip to go all the way there to only be disappointed that they are closed.

Entrance Fee and Ticket Prices for Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá?

There are 2 entrance fee options at Parque Jaime Duque. Each ticket type can only be used on particular days which can be verified on the schedule (mentioned above).

Neither of these tickets include Ecoparque Sabana Bicycles nor the train route of the Andes. Either of which can be bought for an additional $10,000 COP (US$2.50) each.

  • Legado – this ticket is priced at $50,000 COP (US$12.60) which includes all the attractions mentioned above. Plus, free parking.
  • Seres de Luz – this ticket is priced at $70,000 COP (US$17.60) which includes all the attractions of the Legado ticket. Additionally, is the 360° show with lights, 3D mapping, other cultural experiences, and musical artists. Parque Jaime Duque has shared a summary video for this ticket. Plus, free parking.

When to visit Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá

As with most places in Bogotá, I’d always recommend not visiting in April or October when there is a lot of rainfall in the city. This can definitely put a damper on any trip as the rain is pretty relentless in these months.

Any other month is pretty much good to go but check the weather to make sure that no rain is expected. If you’re familiar with the sky you can also tell if there’s a higher probability of rain based on the amount and darkness of the clouds. 

Peacocks freely roam the park

What to wear to Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá?

The weather in Bogotá is consistent throughout the year except for the months with rain. During the day, it can be between 16 – 20 °C. Since you have to walk quite a bit within Parque Jaime Duque, the temperature can change a lot throughout the day.

I’d always suggest upper layers, a simple top plus a jacket (not one that’s too heavy) so you can take it off if it gets warmer. A pair of jeans will be good, some comfortable shoes for the walking and maybe a hat or umbrella if the sun is too much or it rains.

I always carry an umbrella with me in Bogotá just in case it rains because sometimes, the weather can just change on you especially as this is an all-day outdoor trip.

Can you do a Virtual Tour of Parque Jaime Duque, Bogotá 

There is not a very big expanse of virtual tours by the Parque Jaime Duque page itself, although you can find many when browsing YouTube. The park’s page has a one minute highlight reel. For a bit more detail, you can see Colombia Image’s YouTube video.

What else can you do close by to Parque Jaime Duque

Although touring Parque Jaime Duque may take all day, if you have some extra time since you’ve gone out of the city, there are several places nearby that you can visit.

  • Museo Aeroespacial Colombiano (0.5km / 0.3miles) – almost opposite to the Jaime Duque Park. You can easily walk between the two. I took my dad to the Museo Aeroespacial, and he absolutely loved seeing all the planes as well as the museum. We probably spent an hour here before heading to Parque Jaime Duque. A great plus is that entry is free!


  • Parapente Paraíso (4.6km / 2.9miles) – Paragliding here is absolutely breath-taking with a view among the mountains and a lake below. This is quick activity that will be easy to add into a day at Parque Jaime Duque. The actual paragliding activity is about 20-minutes.


  • Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá (10km / 6miles) – This underground Salt Cathedral spans 660 feet (200 meters). It is a stunning piece of architecture with lots of natural salt formations as well. You may need 2 to 3 hours to explore the Salt Cathedral, Zipaquirá.

Is it safe in Bogotá? 

Many people assume Bogotá, and Colombia in general, is unsafe to visit. However, this is quite the opposite as Bogotá is a lovely place to visit. I lived there for 3 years and not once anything happened to me. Oftentimes, I went out by myself, even taking the bus. However, I would never suggest going out at night alone. There are lots of ways to make sure you stay safe in Bogotá.


With so many world experiences in one place, this is somewhere I would highly recommend to anyone visiting. When my parents came to visit, this was one of their favourite places and it’s easy to see why. If you’re going in a big group, there is something for everyone to enjoy. What sounds like the most interesting part: animals, topographical map, rides, Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal replica?

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